We are an association of nonprofit lay faithful, who belongs to the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church

Our Charism

The charisma that sustains and gives life to the community is called service.

Service to Christ living in the needy brother. It is the service after the example of the Good Samaritan, serving the poor, abandoned on the streets, children, women, men and elderly in need, but also helping to discover in man the notion of service as a path to salvation.

¿How Do We Want to Act?

  • Asking advice to our bishops, our priests and spiritual directors.
  • Asking collaboration, support and shared with our lay and laity engaged in pastoral service or specific pastoral work.
  • Asking advice and material support to all those state or private institutions whose function or mission can provide elements necessary to achieve the goals of the Community.
  • Achieving spiritual and material support of the lay communities (parishes and prayer groups) who do not have a specific cause for community service.

¿How and Where Do We Do It?

The Apostolate begins in prayer and continues in service, is to want to do the will of God; The apostolate of attending a service at least once a week and that our life becomes prayer. Also at least once a week we gather as a community to pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

A service point is a place designated to serve and can be:

  • A patio. It is a place inhabited by mendicant “miseritos”, in this case they are provided a meal and feed spiritually based on the word of God.
  • A house – a dining room or lodge where lunch will be provided to a community in need every day of the week (children or elderly).
  • A specific training workshop (bakery, sewing, crafts, beauty, drama, dance, choirs, radio, etc., or other human training workshops).
  • Interaction with children and young people in schools, colleges and radio programs through recreational and educational activities (singing, theater, film, talks, training and spiritual retreats, tours and excursions, youth meetings, etc.).
  • Training for the sacraments (baptism, confirmation).
  • Productive projects that provide alternatives to communities in need.
  • Workshops, programs and campaigns for miseritos(beggars).
  • Medical and Dental care.
  • Legal Counsel.
  • Counseling and spiritual guidance.

¿Where do we want to be?

In any humanitarian activity, but also in the silence.
At the sites of the city where the mendicant brothers are concentrated.
In the various prayer groups and pastoral activity of parishes.
In each family prayer and the heart of every man who loves Christ Eucharist.