Escapulario: It has straight cuts and falls from the shoulders onto the chest and back until the middle of the leg or up to the mid-thigh, it can be loose or tied at the waist. It its interior it has 2 pieces of fabric of purple or Red with the shape of a Cross, which resemble the blood that falls softly and is the live and loving sign of his redemption.

Whenever this scapular is used we look for cover in the precious blood of Jesus.

Brida: Franciscan icon, the habit is tied at the waist by a white cord. Three or seven knots at one end of it recall our vows. It’s sing of temperance and been tied up to the service duty as image of Christ. Every time we used it is Christ tied up to his blood who supports us.


The meaning of our emblem “Donum Christi” A Gift of God. Jesus Christ is a merciful gift of God. Jesus Christ is the greatest example of that gift and teaches all of us how to serve the poor and helpless. The gift of Jesus to mankind is to serve. He did not come to be served but to serve. We want to serve as Jesus has served us. Being Servants of the Servant. Servants of Christ and of the church with the head of the church being the Holy Father and our Bishops.

Apostolic Community: Just like the Apostles in exchange we want to follow his tradition and great example of fidelity, love, unity & service to those the smallest of the Gospel.

Sons of Father Pío: Born as a small prayer group that follow the spirituality of Saint Pio Of Pietrelcina and being his spiritual sons we want to serve in obedience to the church, the Holy Father & our bishops just as Jesus totally sacrificed himself.

The Sun: With 14 big sun rays divided in two groups of seven. The seven corporal Works of Mercy and seven Spiritual Works of Mercy. The sun which represents he that has been sent by the Father, it is with warming Love which we should all serve and follow.

A Heart: An Image of the Loving Heart of the Virgen Mary, always willing to say Yes, with a crown of thorns just like the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Filial devotion to the sacred hearts.

A Host: A host in the center of the heart with thirty-three small rays, perennial living presence of Jesus and the divine promise of salvation.

A Crown of Thorns: A crown of thorns with three braided stems that represent Humbleness, Obedience & Service for the love of God the creator.

Ten small hearts: The three hearts above symbolizes the love of the Holy Trinity & the seven hearts below are the seven sacraments but also the love of the Servants to the Servant (Jesus).

The concentric circular form signifies everything we are and what we would like to be, our focus should always be center to Jesus the Host. The monogram JHS on the Host is the Eucharist fountain and the high point of our service.

Eucharist Cross

Composed by two types of wood that was found at the olive garden. In the center it has the sacred host surrounded by fourteen (14) rays that mean seven (7) materials and seven (7) spiritual Works of Mercy. The shape resembles a Latin cross aforetime used for building churches and cathedrals. On the center is detached toward four (4) points of cross similar to grains of wheat which are extended toward the four (4) cardinal directions. This represents the servant´s presence in the world as well as the Virgen Mary’s presence in a servant’s life.