We are dedicated to charitable service with the poor among vulnerable communities, such as the homeless, low-income children, abandoned grandparents and women abused by prostitution. We approach all of them respecting and rewarding their dignity as people and as a fundamental part of society. We provide them with food, but our most important goal is to offer them the most essential gift: love.

Serving the homeless


We focus on specific neighborhoods where we provide care to the homeless in the city of Bogota, and other cities of the world. Via a ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of hot chocolate, always accompanied by spiritual sustenance. This service is normally provided on Sundays.

The points of service are supported by donations, either in kind (ham, chocolate, cheese, disposable cups, snacks for children, medicines) or money to acquire what is necessary for each service.

The homeless are also called "Miseritos", that is, in need of mercy.

Canteens for children and grandparents


The canteens are a service point focused on providing food to vulnerable populations in various sectors of the cities we operate inThe food is free and is provided every day including Sundays and holidays.

The approach of the dining halls is focused on allowing people who want to serve to have a place to do so.Every day a group of people, whether family, friends or colleagues, obtain, , prepare and serve food., It is also possible to prepare food with money coming from people who cannot attend for work or other obligations but like to donate what is necessary to achieve their goal.

Homeless Shelters


Our homeless shelters consist of a suitable place for people living on the street to have a hot meal, a shower, get dressed as well as to receive human and spiritual accompaniment.

Nursing homes


We have homes to receive families and patients who come from areas without specialized medical coverage and are welcomed during their treatment in the city.