Our Works

Our Works

Our priority is to help the neediest. Those whom society has denied love and human dignity they deserve. We named them Miseritos by being in need of God's mercy and, in need of his love. They may be poor or rich. That is why in any of our works, people from different social, economic or religious conditions can share and seek to give meaning to his/her life through love. Finally, who is served as well as the servant, both are searching for love.


3 June, 2019

V International Meeting

If you are young or you are a young soul, the community of Servidores del Servidor – Hijos di Padre Pio TULUA is inviting everybody who […]
3 June, 2019

Anual Meeting 2019 SDS

    On March 23th 2019 at the Basilica of Lourdes Bogotá – Colombia, the General Assembly of the Community DONUM CHRISTI SERVERS OF THE SERVER […]
27 February, 2019

Lectio Servicio

We want to let you know, we are going to post the document “Lectio de Servicio” once a week. This document to help you to follow […]

Community Service

In addition to having our lives in service, the apostolic community "Servants of the Servant", heeding the call of God, calls to build and be a church.

Also pray, plan, encourage, organize and create service's points where the brother abandoned find a hug, the love of Christ and the wonderful providence of the good God to their children.